In Our Time by katieblench on Flickr.
Let’s Go! by Amiruddin Thaksin on Flickr.
Nature by Amiruddin Thaksin on Flickr.'Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience - Ralph Waldo Emerson'
Blyth Beach (again) by Bluesman1986 on Flickr.
Córdoba : Plaza de las Tendillas 5/5 by Pantchoa on Flickr.
Granada : An alley in  Albaicín  - 2/2 by Pantchoa on Flickr.
Emmepi Masai by Emmepi79 on Flickr.
Masai by Emmepi79 on Flickr.
Cloister St. Marien Havelberg Germany by Habub3 on Flickr.
Snacks, Liberation Avenue, Accra, Ghana by MJ Reilly on Flickr.
Opaque  by  andbamnan