Children by on Flickr.
A Cultural Window by | HD | on Flickr.
The Silent Masai by | HD | on Flickr.
The Giants of Africa by | HD | on Flickr.
Masai Farmer by kinoh on Flickr.
Masai Women by The Lilac Breasted Roller on Flickr.
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Masai by Emmepi79 on Flickr.
Masai Children by clarepaints on Flickr.
Two Masai Boys by David_Lazar on Flickr.'Two Masai boys outside a hut in their village in Kenya. The colour red is worn to represent power, and accessories and body ornaments are be worn to reflect their identity and status in society.'
Masai Boy Portrait by David_Lazar on Flickr.
Opaque  by  andbamnan