Child of Africa by Jake Lester Photography on Flickr.
Fruit Games by anthonyasael on Flickr.
This is my world by | HD | on Flickr."   ‘This is my world’ she said with a muted voice.   "
Islamabad, Pakistan
Body Language by | HD | on Flickr.
Emmepi Masai by Emmepi79 on Flickr.
Masai by Emmepi79 on Flickr.
People portrait in Africa by CIFOR on Flickr.
After the earthquake - Port-au-Prince by JCH Travel on Flickr.'This man, seated in front of the ruined cathedral has lost his house during the erthquake. He lives with his children under a tent nearby.'
Child - Tadjoura - Djibouti by JCH Travel on Flickr.
Little Fisherman by David_Lazar on Flickr.
Opaque  by  andbamnan